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Hold me until I can’t breathe 

And call it a hug

Ruin me like it’s nothing 

And call it love 


You’ve got the same

Grip on me

That the moon has

On the sea

My heart is a minor detail 

But it's falling apart 

I’m losing all my features 

And to you I’m just wall art 

Oh I want to tell you all the things I never said 

But it’s stupid that you’re still in my head 


I don’t want to break




Nothing is platonic for a romantic

I wish that I could tell you why I’m so dramatic

There must be a problem

I don’t think I’ve ever been calm 

I see in multicolor 

Or nothing at all


Give me an inch, I'll take an ocean 

Give me your time, I’ll call you mine

Give me your ear, I’ll talk it off

Give me a year and you’ll give up

Nothing is platonic for a romantic 

The things I do consume me 

And love is the only option

I'll never wade in margins 

I want it all or none of it

Drown me in commitment

Or bury my existence 



I declined the ride 

Walked home in the rain 

Bend again to my right brain

Which feeds on trace amounts of pain 

And miscellaneous self destructiveness


Keep me low 

Get me high

I don’t want to talk about it tonight

I need something to be missing

So I have something to find 

I need something to be missing

Bored by the mundane 

Shaking hands with flames

Risky but at least it’s amusing 

These bruises prove I left my bed

And did something outside of my own head


Let me leak so I don’t freeze 

Let me feel the salty sting 

Let me pour it down the sink

Let me be what’s wrong with me



I didn’t think I needed you that much

I’ve always written letters with my right hand

But seeing you again is like breathing 

After a strangulation 


I didn’t think I missed you that much

'Cause you were always sitting to my left

But touching you again is like bleeding

After they’ve called the time of death


It’s a fracturing 


To watch back every scene

And see that I was the kerosene 


I didn’t think I held so much distain 

For everything that kept me far away

I didn’t think I’d settled into darkness

Until I wished to watch you fray


I didn’t think that I was ever wrong

Truth is just the itch I'd never scratch

The surface of it told me you were smiling

The willing tinder to my feral match


Now please don’t ever leave 

I’m unofficially 

Half way sorry

Becuase I can’t stand to see 

You happier than me



I bet your neck tastes nice

I’d pull you close and look into your eyes

You like what you know but you don’t know me at all

I bet your veins are red

But you don’t know mine are ice

You’re reaching for love

When all I taste is strawberry blood


How much can I take from you before you liquify

And sheath my teeth in time for you 

To live to tell about the time I saved your life

To live to tell about how I gave you back your life 


You fold your hands to pray

I know it makes you feel like you’re safe

You gave me your keys and never bid for honesty

And though it breaks your skin, I’ll be on my way before you notice 

I was hungry for blood when all you saw was strawberry blonde 


Clench your fists

But loose your grip

I keep you colorless 

To fill my own emptiness

And you will never truly mind

Being what I binge



I’m on the edge of a loss

I see the writing on every wall

Waiting for the other shoe to drop


Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Or are you the body they found in the lake


I wrote a note I’ll ignore 

Sometimes I sit and stare at the door

Waiting for your weight to creak the floor

Living is strange 

I mostly just cry

Leave any time 

But the contract is implied

I can’t sleep, my mind is a fault line 


Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Or are you the reason they closed the highway 


Did you drink one too many? 

Did you leave the party early? 

Do you need resuscitating?

You told me you don’t need saving


A castaway

A memory

A fading flame

A fear I’ll never name

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