Singer/songwriter Jacquie Henry has over a decade of experience performing on Portland stages with bands and musical groups. In January of 2020 she launched her solo project and released a demo EP a month later. Her original music is deep, somber, and a little self deprecating. Her honest writing allows listeners of all backgrounds to connect on the woes of the human experience. Her most recent inspirations are Briston Maroney, Stella Donnelly, Snail Mail, and Julien Baker.

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My Story

Welcome to my website! I'm happy so you're here.


Songwriting has always been an important form of creative expression for me. I've been a constructor of lyrics and melodies for as long as I can remember. My first great original piece was a love song about breakfast food when I was five years old. In high school and college, songwriting provided a gateway to new experiences, long lasting friendships, and common ground in a community of artist that I strongly identified with. 


After graduation, my creativity got lost in a career path. I loved my job but I was missing something that had been a huge part of my life for so long. In 2018,  my husband and I moved to Fort Worth, Texas. Because of the move, I quit my job in education and had to find something else to do in a completely new town. This was a very isolating and challenging season of my life but it allowed me the time and space to ask myself "what do you want to do?" and "who do you want to be?" (questions I highly encourage everyone to ask themselves on a regular basis, as it was so life changing for me). During this time of questioning, I did many odd jobs like part-time accounting, website managing, nannying, substitute teaching, administration, bartending, and was a "Fort Worth Angel" at a Harley Davidson location on weekends (we had to wear cowboy hats and rhinestone t-shirts--it was awesome.) 

Looking back, I feel as though I have lived many different lives which was helpful in figuring out who I wasn't. When I was lonely in my new city, or frustrated with a new job, I turned to music. After a few months of writing, I had enough songs to make a small, "time capsule" collection of my life from 2018-2019. 

The original plan for the collection was to create home recordings for Soundcloud-- mostly for myself to be able to say that I set a goal and achieved it. The plan changed when we moved back to Portland in late 2019 and I reconnected with a friend who invited me to an open mic night. It was there that I fell in love with the Portland music community and live performances. For some unknown reason, people wanted to know where they could get my music so I decided to make a website and some CD's. I reached out to an old contact (the wonderfully talented, Greg Paul) who helped me record Nothing Fancy and began designing the cover art.


I was extremely inspired by all of the artists that attended the open mic--so much so that I was writing 2-3 new songs a week. After two months, I was asked to be the first featured act of 2020 for the venue that hosted these evenings. This gave me the confidence to plan an EP release show and start reaching out to venues to book some headline dates. I may or may not have cried when I got the confirmation email about my first "official" show at The White Eagle. Unfortunately, since it was scheduled for March of 2020, I never got to play that show.


Like many of us, I assumed that things would go "back to normal" after a few weeks. When weeks turned to months, and months brought new seasons, I decided to pause my performing goals to go back to school. I've spent the last year studying Psychology and Child Development in addition to nannying for a wonderful family with two children. I've also been writing A LOT. It's not always easy, but I've been learning how to balance work/life responsibilities and making time for creative expression. 


None of us know what the future holds, but lately I have felt an overwhelming pull on my attention to be directed toward writing and performing once again. I'm currently working on another EP, and plan to play as much as possible in the PNW. 


My favorite thing about playing live is interacting with an audience and meeting new people. Recordings are great and all, but there's nothing like the real, raw, and immersive experience of LIVE music. I'm someone who loves the rough edges of a perfectly imperfect voice and a guitar that's slightly out of tune by the end of a heartfelt set. That said, your welcome to check out my demo (available for sampling and purchase on my website) or subscribe to my Bandcamp (which features newer tunes with DIY recordings) but more importantly, I would LOVE to see you in person at my next show! 


If you made it this far, thanks for attention. It is greatly appreciated. Stay wonderful. Stay inspired and find beauty in all things. 










I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.